August 16, 2011
Ashraf Haziq who?



  • insurance claims from rioting and looting in London could reach 200 MILLION POUNDS.
  • however officials say the estimate is premature, and its unclear if small businesses are included in this figure.
  • some premises were also burnt to the ground completely, including heritage buildings.

among those who died, Richard Mannington Bowes may have been a pensioner who lived alone, but Trevor Ellis had a family of four who depend on him. The rioters who killed him are also believed to have robbed AT LEAST two other people.

Haroon Jahan, and brothers Shahzad Ali, and Abdul Musavir were the victims of a hit and run while attempting to protect their neighbourhoods in Birmingham. Shazad’s widow is also expecting.

  • many other people have been mugged in all the affected cities and some even had their own homes broken into.

meanwhile, Malaysian Ashraf Haziq was given the VIP treatment at the World Badminton Championships in London. He’s also been given a parliamentary tour at Westminster.

he will be given a shiny new PSP and bike, which were both stolen when he was mugged. MARA will also cover all his medical costs, in addition to already paying for his studies. UMNO meanwhile, is sponsoring 3 flight tickets worth 20 thousand ringgit for his parents to fly over and see him. a noble gesture, but somewhat inappropriate considering there are many people back home (and around the world) who struggle to make ends meet, let alone can study overseas on government funding.

funds generated by a tumblr account for the 20 year old, has already reached 22 thousand POUNDS (the exchange rate with the ringgit is times 4.86 at the time of this posting). i feel i’m not going out on a limb by saying the money could make a real difference in a lot of lives. if you’ve contributed, perhaps you might want to think about the many others who suffered a lot worse during the mayhem.

if not, here are many other more pressing issues you can contribute to. there are millions across the globe who don’t even have basic needs like food and shelter or have fled their homes with nothing except the clothes on their backs, let alone extra cash for a PSP or a flight to London.

famine in Somalia

unrest in Sudan

Palestinians caught in Syria crossfire

refugees fleeing Libya

you are planning to keep some of the money, Ashraf? shame on you.

Thank you. I did pity him but the special treatment he is getting is too much.

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